Testing and inspection

Inspection and testing is always done according to procedures and instructions given by our customers. First we ensure the quality of the purchased material by inspecting the delivery. Testing operations are performed by qualified personnel using calibrated measuring instruments.

Calibration ensures the correct measuring results (READ MORE)

At all stages of production the accuracy of measurements is crucial in ensuring that the product meets the customer’s quality requirements. The measurements can also relate to safety issues, and accuracy and reliability are important factors in this. With time, the accuracy of every instrument changes to some extent and the results may not be fully reliable. For the sake of reliability all the measuring devices and gauges used by Tekotekniikka are calibrated regularly. During the calibration process the reading of the display is compared to traceable national and international measuring standards. In short, calibration can be described as a process where the tested instrument is compared to a known reference value:

– Calibration ensures the correct measuring results (volume, length, electricity, flow, pressure, temperature, etc.)
– Accurate measurements save costs
– Calibration keeps the quality of the product high and consistent
– Calibration is necessary in order to meet quality standards and the requirements of the authorities
– Calibration ensures production optimization and capacity
– Calibration secures the safety-related properties

– Neglecting calibration may lead to unexpected production stoppages, problems in quality or recall of products
– Endangering the safety of workers
– Endangering the safety of customers / consumers
– Loss of licence, if the requirements of the authorities cannot be fulfilled
– Direct financial losses

Tekotekniikka is known for its effective and reliable operation. The product progresses quickly from the designer’s desk to production and, as a final product, to the customer. The customer is free to choose the most suitable transportation method and company, but the reliable partners of Tekotekniikka are available to help if needed. We always take into consideration the packing practices of different countries. In addition, the progress of the delivery can be followed by means of a tracking code.