We develop and expand our parts procurement network constantly. The efficiency of our operations is maintained through timely and open communications with both our customers and our procurement partners.

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We use modern tools and measuring instruments in both design and production, and in the hands of our professionals they ensure results which meet the high requirements of our customers.

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Inspection and testing is always done according to procedures and instructions given by our customers. Testing is done by our professionals with calibrated measuring instruments, and all these instruments are also calibrated regularly.

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Parts procurement


Our professional personnel also generates new innovations and components, which benefit the production processes.

Instrument assembly

ASSEMBLYControlling the projects from orders to delivery.

All of our mechanics have a long and broad experience in assembly and testing of mechanic and electromechanic instruments and systems.


TESTINGVerfied by calibration.

Testing is carefully performed and verified by our qualified personnel using calibrated measuring instruments.

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